EmSculpt Neo(Body Contouring)

EmSculpt Neo(Body Contouring)

EmSculpt Neo is one of the most popular aesthetic and wellness treatments, as we can treat all skin types and body types thoroughly. In a world of anti-aging and body contouring we have gone one step further by treating not just pinchable fat, but muscle and visceral fat as well. 
A custom protocol is set to the patient’s needs using one of three programs. NEO treatments have the capabilities of treating aesthetic end points but more importantly creating stronger and healthier patients.   

Treatable area:

  • Triceps 
  • Biceps 
  • Upper and lower abdomen 
  • Flanks 
  • Buttocks 
  • Inner and outer thighs 
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings 
  • Calves

Benefits of EmSculpt Neo:

  • Build muscle 
  • Reduce pinch-able fat 
  • Reduce visceral fat 
  • Strengthen lower back
  • Correct posture and balance 


Pricing and more

*Consultation is required before you can treat*


By delivering radiofrequency energy, Forma warms the skin and tissues under the handpiece. As the energy is applied, it gradually heats the dermal layer, where collagen bonds are located. As the dermis gradually heats up, there will be a small amount of micro-injury under the skin.

Following their first Forma treatment, some clients notice immediate results (tighter and firmer skin, smaller pores, fewer wrinkles). However, full collagen production can take up to three months.

Results from a series of 6 treatments may last up to a year. You will need a maintenance treatment every year to maintain your results.

There is no downtime following Forma skin tightening treatments. Clients often come in during their lunch break for a glowing complexion when they return to work.
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