Lip Luxe Sugar & Spice Lip Balm

Lip Luxe Sugar & Spice Lip Balm


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Fall in love with our best selling Limited Edition Sugar & Spice Lip Balm! This warm blend of vanilla and cinnamon essential oils gives your lips a healthy boost of antioxidants plus a little hint of tint, with a sexy scent perfect for the autumn and holiday season. Grab your boots, scarf, and latte and hydrate those lips.

Benefits: Packed with antioxidants to detoxify and revive lips as weather cools and skin tends to dry out.

Lip balm can be used alone for a natural, hydrated look or with other lip products to enhance your daily beauty routine. Use a small amount right out of the shower or after washing your face to immediately infuse moisture into lips. Then, to complete your makeup application, use lip liner and/or lipstick to line lips, and layer on LipLuxe balms for a beautiful, glossy finish.

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