Morpheus8 Skin Remodeling

Morpheus8 Skin Remodeling

The Morpheus8 Skin Remodeling system is the first and only full-body subdermal adipose remodeling device. It offers the deepest fractional technology, allowing a physician or aesthetic provider to target deep layers of the skin and remodel collagen. You will have little to no thermal damage to the dermis during this procedure. The Morpheus8 treatment is suitable for all skin types and requires little to no downtime. Morpheus8 can also be used on the face and the body safely and effectively.

The Morpheus8 Skin Remodeling system helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, collagen loss, and facial aging in areas including:

  • Face

  • Chest

  • Eye areas

  • Around the mouth

  • Neck

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Abdomen

  • Buttocks

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