Does Kybella permanently remove fat?

Does Kybella permanently remove fat?

Gaining excess weight, getting older, or having a family history of the trait can all lead to a double chin. If the look of a double chin is something that bothers you and you would like to do something about it, then you may have thought about getting Kybella shots for a smaller facial contour. These injections reduce the appearance of submental fullness. However, have you considered whether or not this treatment will be a long-term solution? 

Is Kybella a Lifelong Fix?

Kybella is a breakthrough new therapy that can reduce the appearance of a double chin without the necessity of incisions, stitches, any kind of surgery, or even general anesthesia. Because it eliminates undesirable fat by destroying it and prohibiting the treated areas from storing or amassing any additional fat in the future, this method provides effects that are permanent.

Kybella is an injectable medication that has been granted approval by the FDA. It is made up of synthetic deoxycholic acid, a chemical capable of destroying fat cells. The fat cells that are found under the chin can be progressively and irreversibly eliminated through the use of Kybella, which is injected into the area.

What Role Does Body Fat Play?

Are you curious about the factors that contribute to Kybella’s efficacy? It is necessary to begin with, an understanding of the science behind body fat before attempting to comprehend how this treatment operates. Fat is stored in our bodies in specialized cells known as fat cells. After you reach your mid-20s, the number of fat cells in your body will remain constant regardless of how much weight you gain or lose.

If you gain a substantial amount of weight, the number of fat cells in your body may rise in number; nevertheless, the number of fat cells in your body will remain the same for the vast majority. When you put on weight, the fat cells you already have just got bigger and can store even more resources. On the other hand, when you reduce your body fat percentage, the amount of fat cells in your body remains the same, but those fat cells shrink and become more compact.

A Lasting Solution To Reduce Submental Fullness

Diet and exercise alone probably won’t be enough to help you achieve thinner facial outlines if you struggle with a brutal double chin. You may have already noticed this if this is the case for you. This is because the number of fat cells in your body does not change, regardless of athletic you are. In addition, there are not any particular exercises that are designed to target the fat cells in the area under your chin. You will require a permanent remedy, such as Kybella if you naturally have more fat cells under your chin.

The treatment does not make your fat cells smaller; instead, it causes them to die and is effective in permanently removing them from your body. This injectable treatment contains deoxycholic acid, which destroys the fat cells beneath your chin. As a result, the fat cells in that region are reduced. You can improve the appearance of your facial profile and do away with that pesky double chin by undergoing this therapy.

How Much Time Is Allotted for Each Treatment Session?

Therapy for a double chin that is administered via injection is a speedy, simple, and hassle-free option. Experts should be able to finish your treatment within ten to fifteen minutes. During the entirety of your treatment session, you will feel at ease and comfortable in your surroundings.

You’ll be free to go back to your regular routine as soon as the injections are finished being administered to you. If you really want to, you can return to work ASAP. Because the treatment doesn’t take a very long time to carry out from start to finish, it is possible to have it arranged over your lunch break if you so choose.

Number of Needed Treatments

Although this occurs occasionally, some customers who go through these procedures see satisfactory results after only one session of injections. However, this is an extremely unusual occurrence. When it comes to getting the results they want, many customers need up to six sessions spread out one month apart.

However, the number of treatments that you will ultimately require can not be determined until you have a professional consultation in which a specific treatment plan is developed for you. Only then can you know how many treatments you will require.

It normally takes between four and six weeks after the first injection for results to become noticeable; therefore, you will typically require at least two sessions before you truly start to see results that can be measured. Again, your specific needs can only be determined through an evaluation, and the number of treatments you’ll require will be determined by factors such as the amount of fat you have under your chin, the distribution of that fat, and your individual goals, which your practitioner will help you set and attain. Again, the number of sessions you’ll need will depend on factors like how much fat you have under your chin and how it’s distributed.

Expected Recovery Time

You won’t need nearly as much rest as you might expect when you receive these therapies, as was just described. After the first few injections, you shouldn’t experience any significant amount of pain at all. Following therapy, if you see any swelling, this is a good indication that the injections are doing their job. You will not be restricted in any way and can continue living your life normally.

During the first few days after your treatment, you could also be instructed to refrain from consuming salt or drinking alcohol. This might be a precautionary measure. A significant number of patients have their sessions completed before the weekend so that they can go back to work the following Monday with no observable edema. In the majority of instances, nobody but you will know that you have been treated.

Kybella is a non-invasive treatment that can be used permanently to generate a thinner appearance and more defined facial features without the need for liposuction or invasive surgery. Contact BCRN Aesthetics and talk with one of the trained professionals if you are curious about this treatment and want to find out more information about it. They will pay attention to your problems and provide you with the finest care and the most innovative therapies designed to provide long-lasting effects.

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